Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Flora and Fauna at nearly thirty

Ah, how quickly the years pass - especially if you spend them all (or almost all) as a student. So here we are 12 years after the flora and fauna video made by our grade 12 biology class.

For those of you who were not lucky enough to see the video. It was a class video - and Emma had a big role. Beyond that - it was the workings of a gr 12 enhanced (and under the stewardship of Mr. Doketis) biology class. Erin and I played a pair of telepathic eco-nuts - I think. Not to be confused with our grade 12 english presentation that included Jason Rowe with a green jello (aligator) pie and erin wearing a metal colonder on her head. Its funny I can't remember what we talked about. Ah well, I guess one's memory starts to go at some point. We are both still in school (although hopefully one of us (namely me) will escape soon.) Erin, I think, is in for a few more eons in the clutches of teachers, assignments and tests.

Thats all for now folks - I have a subdivision to design and report on, a shower to take, laundry to dry and we shall not even discuss the kitchen. Not to mention the other stuff that I should be doing, but can't find time for... ah well, sleep less - that is about all you can do.

Good night,

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Blogger Unknown said...

You see, video's of telephatic eco-nuts is what the internet was made for. You must find it, and publish it :)

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