Monday, July 17, 2006

Prepare for Takeoff

I've always been fascinated by dragonflies. This one has the look of a fighter jet. I realize that I'm no where near the level of writing I hoped to achieve on this blog site - I simply don't have time to write the mini-essays that I had intended to originally on a regular basis.

Besides which, as a person who may be looking for employment in a year, it is unwise to express any opinions publically - so I'm a bit restrained in what I write and I feel even that could be judged. Not that I have any particularly radical opinions, I just don't dare express anything unequivically until I know what i'm allowed to admit to publically. Heck - I suspect it is unwise to say anything identifying online given that perfect strangers, some possibly malicious in intent, could read this at any time. So, between busyness and paranoia my hands are tied.

There, I think I just broke all the rules by writing that. But I ramble. . .and ungramatically at that.

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