Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Esoteric thoughts on Regent Street

Another fall 2004 picture of Fredericton - looking towards the Regent and Beaverbrook intersection.

As for the esoteric thoughts, they began as a side ponder on bravery and another on how the topography and ecology of where you grew up shapes your personality -- i.e. What kind of person would I be if I lived on the praries or on a mountain or in a desert. Of course, nothing is that simple, but I personally identify very strongly with forested places - so a lack of trees would definately change who I am, maybe not in an important way.

Its an interesting thing to wonder about, but then you get to thinking about all the other variables that shape a personality - family, socioeconomic status, faith, technology, pop culture... I'm as much a product of the 1990's as I am the forest and more a product of my family than I am either. Who would I be if there were no such things as computers? Given my struggles with spelling and writing legibly I somehow doubt that I would have chosen the career path I have without the aid of computers and spell checkers to enable me to overcome those challenges.

I'm the last generation to go through highschool without the internet, but one of the first to go to university with it. Is that a dividing line? Do I see my world differently because information wasn't always a google away? Is that how the first generation of motor vehicle dominated transport felt? That one day, no one would know what it was like to depend on a horse or your own feet for getting from A to B? Although that transition happened slower - did they ever miss the good old days, free from noisy cars or the sound of hooves on cobblestones?


Only thoughts I supose, but so much goes into creating and recreating the person you are - that it's mind boggling to try to tease out which strands are most important.

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