Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Haunting Fall of Autumn Rain

Well, I've never seen it rain this many days in a row. It isn't pouring, just a steady drizzle... I took the dog for a nice walk in it... did some thinking - wrote a few haiku poems on the way.

Fire-feathered limbs
Reflected in rainwater
Sombre October

Leaf stained concrete holds
Permanent shadows of life
Tracing to winter

Oak leaves tinted gold
Red-edged leather shivering
Lapped by wet wind's tounge

Fading summer greens
Pass to brassy shades, falling
Discarded merry robes

Stark naked trees dressed
Only in ridged bark husks that
Wait for solar energy

Okay.. enough morbid autumn poems

Jennith Posted by Picasa


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