Friday, October 13, 2006

Snoak in Wintober

Another snow picture from Guelph yesterday. Although we didn't get hit like Buffalo did, there is still a smattering of snow on the ground today (unfortunately my camera is still charging).

I want to wish a special Happy Birthday to my Grandma.... and I'm looking forward to the party this weekend.

Driving home from school yesterday, we took the backroads from about halfway, hoping to get a last glimpse of escarpment country before all the leaves were gone. It was a beautiful drive especially when we came down steels just as the sun was setting.

Myself, I have lots to do... reading about ecological flow assessment, learning ArcView, HEC RAS and refreshing my brain on SWMM. I also owe about 2 months of birthday cards and it is nearly time to start on christmas cards.

With the coming of the cold weather, I'm definately feeling the itch to start knitting again. Yesterday night, Gabe and I pulled out our mitts and hats to walk the dog and it was -1C this morning. I baked banana bread last night, which turned out pretty edible considering the fact that I completely forgot to add 2/3 cup of sugar. I like to think of it as diet banana bread without the risk of cancer from aspartane... although the 1/3 cup of margerine (calorie reduced at that) may take away from its health benefits.

Anywho, its time for me to get back to doing work stuff, unless I want to spend the entire weekend reading.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there.
I am soo glad that I will never have the displeasure of being beaten by snow again.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Robert Dickinson said...

Cool reference to SWMM!

7:48 PM  

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