Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

A long time favourite song of mine, U2's Sunday, Bloody Sunday - continues to retain its relevance so many years later. There are people in the world who dedicate so much of their lives to doing good - from volunteer firefighters to candystripers to those people who pick up their lives and move to war torn 3rd world countries to do what they can to help. Conversely, there are people who's greed, stupidity and apathy constantly cause misery and pain. I can understand those who are willing to give up their cosy North American life to make a difference, and certainly I can see circumstances that lead people to a life of being a desparate criminal - but again, out there are true sociopaths - some with power (Hilter, Sadam Hussain) and others simply random psycho's who feel no remorse for raping, killing, stealing or destroying lives, familys or the world. This I cannot begin to understand. This is why I cringe when reading the newpaper - even in the relatively safe world of the GTA - mothers are shot dead when they open the door, children are abused and works of art and history are destroyed for quick cash. Alas for the human race.... hopefully one day we'll find ourselves a better species.


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Blogger complexvanilla said...

I see that we write on related topics. This article of yours too has a related post in my blog.

As for the human race, we can hardly expect to wake up one day and find that we are a better bunch of people. Thats living in the fantasy world. The only way to bring in a change is to usher it yourself, and hope and pray that more people join in to give it strength. The change starts with you!

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