Friday, February 23, 2007

Skiing under scintilating skies

So here is proof photographic that we actually went out skiing - although sadly my hopes of skiing in Halton have been dashed by two days of warm weather that has turned our snow to meyeach. Still - maybe we'l get some new snow and I'll have another chance to learn how to wax my skis evenly so that I don't wipe out trying to go down hills with one gliding and the other sticking - fun, fun... still the rest of the time the sticky ski wasn't too bad. I think next year I may invest in a set of waxless skis with bar bindings, but we'll see. With all this talk of global warming, cross country skis may not be the best investment.

Some of my gaps in posting, as you may have guessed from the new photos, were due to a quick hiatus from city life - and a jaunt into Muskoka. Anyone looking for an excellent place to stay should check out The Manse, Muskoka - a fantastic Bed and Breakfast located in Port Carling. The hosts were fantastic and the food was to die for and for an affordable rate we got as class A bed and a jacuzzi tub. Port Carling was fairly shut down for the winter, but 2 restaurants were open, along with the IGA. Actually I think there was a Sub and Pizza place up the road, and we were only 20 minutes out of Bracebridge. Bracebridge is looking pretty good, and the "Owl's Pen" turned out to be a decent used book store - Gabe found a great book on Karsh's portraits of Canadians and I found 2 more Megan Lindholm books (aka Robin Hobb).

We split our time between being outdoors for my brain and relaxing for Gabe's. Got some good games of Carcasonne in, along with souel, cribbage, and canasta. Watch 3 movies too. Although, "Riding in Cars with Boys" was the only new one. Its kind of a sad movie, but well done. I even made it up to Doe (for the first time in the winter) and said hi to Amanada, Chris and Kaelea. We went for a brief snow shoeing tromp on what was once called the junior side - is it lakeside now? Its funny - I really wish I could spend a week up there this summer. Its a hard place to say good bye too and beautiful in the summer.

I've meant to write a half dozen thinks here, but of course I've forgetten them all by now. There was a neat article on the health impacts of sleep deprivation in McLean's. I finally got through my long tormentous annotating phase and handed it in. I'm not exactly sure yet what the final product of my next project will look like, but so far its been an interesting thought exersize.

Mostly, I've been reading material for my Stream Restoration Course today. Feels nice to have lots of checkmarks on my to do list. My social calander is starting to look cramped - odd since its been quiet for a while. I'm counting down to the release of David Usher's new album - strange birds.

Wow! I'm droning on - and I haven't even got to yammering about any thing political yet.... I guess I'll save that for another time and post a few more pictures


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