Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Funky Flowers

I suppose I should tell people about my trip one of these pictures. Well, at least say more than I have. I learned a great deal - and found myself inspired with new ideas to tackle my own research. The hotel was nice and the weather not nearly as hot as I worried it might be. I found myself quite comfortable outside - what little time I did spend outside. I didn't even get a burn or even much of a tan, but with the garden to bring to life, I'm sure I'll get plenty of time outside here.

Yesterday, I tackled the garden - finishing the bundling of branches from cutting back the forsythia. I edged and turned over most of the beds - now I have to build them up with soil. Then I need to work on the lawn - although the stuff we did last summer seems to have really helped. I'm hoping to plant some seeds and grow some veggies. Anyone have shade tolerant suggestions?
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