Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bugs and Plants Living together

I love being outdoors. Today I took a fairly long hike on the Bruce Trail at Kelso. It was threatening to rain, so I pretty much had the place to myself, save the odd cyclist dressed in spandex. I saw a red fox intently hunting and managed to leave before getting drenched. I marvel at the wild garden of overgrown farmers fields - there was a magnificent abundance of Bee Balm and Queen Ann's Lace. My Bee Balm has been horribly savaged by beasties and the beastie-repellant hasn't made it better or happy. I wasn't really in a picture mood today - just felt like just hiking without having to worry about my camera bouncing around in my hand or choking me. I also saw some truely magnificent Jack-in-the-Pulpits. I didn't know that they could get that tall. I'm coming up with plans for next years garden's.

Anywho.. I should go help with supper... up, up and away - okay more like down, down and yummy!

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