Friday, July 06, 2007

The other rescued Dragonfly

So the rest of my story for the weekend... work work... see my grandparents... water the garden.... oooh and play games for the first time since Gabe headed east for the summer. :D It should be fun :D.

Other exciting upcoming events....

In 2 weeks I'm heading up to Silent Lake for the first time ever to do some hiking and canoeing... :D and in 3 weeks I will be heading north and east again for the long anticipated wedding of M and I. M, a friend from my teaching days up north, got together with I (well, slowly and sort of) while were were up north... so its kind of special - both because I'll be seeing a really good friend and truely neat person again, but also because I feel like I was part of them getting together - even if all I did was a whole lot of listening... so exciting pictures in the next few weeks :D. I'll be hanging out with another co worker from that time and place in my life and her boyfriend. - it should be a blast.

So... now all I have to do is work my but off so that I can escape with a free conscience and enjoy my few days of road trip and squeeze in a bit of visiting and random camping.


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