Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Full Glare of Reality

Ha... in spite of the title - this is another quick and not too deep ramble on my life. Gabe is coming back soon - which makes me incredibly excited, he's been gone so long now that it'll be weird when he's back. My field work is in full swing and coming along quite well. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who are letting me abuse them with hard work on their days off.

Funny stories about me being a total flake. Yesterday, I was out in the field and I put on my boots and then let the cuffs of my jeans stylishly fall outside of the uppers, rather than tucking them in. I hopped in the stream to measure the height of the recently recorded peak flow, and checking to see if I had enough freeboard on my boots to wade deeper, I realized that their cuffs were now soaking wet. Ah well... my feet stayed dry :P.

The other morning I woke up to see a squirrel literally hanging upside down by its hind feet from the Russian Olive tree outside my window. He was eating olives. Crazy squirrel... At least he isn't killing plants I love this week.

Otherwise, I'm hoping to have a bit more normal life once I've got the bulk of my field work done. Then I'll be able to start at the gym and swim and return to step aerobics.

Anywho... If I know you well, I probably can say I miss you and hope to see you soon to just about everyone save those I live with... and maybe even them.

Back to work for me..

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