Friday, August 03, 2007

The Gardens of Marmora

I had the pleasure of visiting the Marmora City Gardens en route to Ottawa last week. They are a lovely mix of tidy gardens and feature a lot of native perrenials too. I also was lucky to speak with the head gardener (a volunteer from the local gardening society). I thought to share his advice on the combatting of powdering mildew - currenlty attacking my columbine and having devestated both of my bee balms - he suggested using soapy water and spraying the leaves with that. I haven't had a chance to try it, but I'll let you know if it works. If anyone has advice on squirrels I'd love to have some. I have one digging (especially in my hanging pots) and near my hostas (growl). Yesterday one savaged a hanging fan flower plant and destroyed my brave little lupin that I'd been nursing back to health after its last attack. I picked up the completely uprooted plant and once again tucked it back into the soil, and amazingly it seems to be rallying, but I don't know if it will make it. It has been dug up twice in the last couple of weeks. There isn't much to be done for the fan flower. I stuck some of the less wilted looking bits of stem back in the dirt, added some more dirt and then watered it well. I'm not hoping too hard though.


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