Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An old favourite view

I took 2 hours to vist my old Alma Matar on my last day in TB. Here is the view from the 4th floor of the Centenial Building. You can see the somewhat ugly Lake Tamblynn, Prettie and Bartley Residences and the Nor'Westers in the background. I also went back that evening to hang out at the PUB (aka The Outpost) and watch hockey and have a beer. Its funny how little has changed --- and the Senators beat the Leafs. But since the Senators are my second favourite team - I really couldn't be too sad that my favourite team lost. (ooh... that would be a public admission of being a Leafs fan - but then I'm proud of it and I believe we have a Stanley Cup coming in the nearish future - we just need to be patient.)
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