Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Next stop - The Impressive Aguasabon Falls, Terrace Bay-Schrieber

I'm surprised that I'd never stopped here before, nevermind that I'd never head of them. I'd have to say that after Kakabeka these were one of the most impressive falls on my tour as the Aguasabon river plunges headlong into Lake Superior. There is actually a smaller set of falls about 100 m downstream where a side channel goes over the cliff. The River is used for hydroelectric power and as you drive towards Terrace Bay-Shreiber from Thunder Bay you pass an impressive water tower that looks like its in Lake superior, but probably is on the shore. One interesting fact that I learned from both my guides is that the water in this river has largely been diverted (at an average rate of 40,000 L/s - North of Superior Roadside Geology of Ontario) from LongLac. Previously, this water would have flowed into the Albany River, past Kashechewan to James Bay. The diversion was created in 1939. The height of the falls is 30 m and the rock is Granodiorite (Roadside Geology).
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