Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunrise at Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground

So, I made it back to my car well before dark, but I was pretty tired after a day of stops and at least 10 km of short hikes. Shortly after leaving Jackfish, I made a stop at one of the lookouts, but those were the last pictures I took that day. Darkness found me many kilometers from my goal - Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground in Lake Superior. Somewhat into the evening, I made a stop at Whitefish A & W where I enjoyed a burger and called home and got gas before heading on through the dark to the park. I think I did arrive around 10 pm, filled out my self serve permit in the dark, brushed teeth then curled up to sleep. It was a chilly night. The next night I dedicated to hiking up to a look out over Old Woman Bay and completing the Orphan Lake trail before visiting Agawa Indian Crafts and camping at Pankcake Bay... but those are tales for another day....
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Blogger lothyn said...

Thanks Jenn! Wow!

I've missed your pictures over the past while!

When are you coming through these parts? We're going to Toronto on Friday, and coming back to Mtl probably on wednesday. Hope that we get to see you!


2:16 PM  

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