Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another 2 hurdles made

Well, I've always hated the details of moving, but I'm actually fairly nearly done. At least the sealift order is in - and I have completed a large portion of 10 months of grocery shopping. I think I'm going to be eating a lot of diced tomatos and brown rice and canned soup. I guess we'll see how it pans out. I actually pared quite a bit down from my original order - so its mostly reasonable and if I go up for a second year, I may not need to order as much.

The moving folks came to meet today and assess my stuff. He guessed I was about 300 lbs over - so after scrambling all afternoon to pare off the fringes I came in about 300 lbs under the limit. I figure this is a good safety buffer given that I weighed stuff on a digital scale and subtracted my own weight. The movers actually come a few weeks from now, but in the meantime I should sort out what is going in my carry on and pick up any odds and ends that I'll need. So, aside from the final packing of my gear that is being shipped up, the only other north related things I need to do is fax in one more info sheet and then pack my bags to go. That of course leaves 1 little hurdle to a fun summer entitled "finishing my thesis". I'm still hoping to escape for a weekend to get in my dose of Algonquin Park or Ottawa. But we'll see.

In garden news... This is the first time I've actually gotten Campanula to flower... I've a few more plants planted, but they seem to be struggling. Tomorrow - if it doesn't rain tonight I will zip out and give my plants a long overdue feeding and spray some soap on holely looking leaves. I did catch a rabbit in the midst of the perrenial bed and the birds continue to dig everywhere, but otherwise things are taking care of themselves in my absense.


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