Monday, June 09, 2008

Seeing my Shadow

Walking the dog today I encountered a view of my shadow - where it appeared especially dark relative to nearby shadows. Two things popped into my head - one that my shadow looked perfectly happy by itself and 2 that I think this is going to be a good year - the later was confirmed by my horescope...

Pressure causes stress but can produce amazing results. Saturn's influence has led you to a brilliant result, though you may not yet be aware of it. Encouraging financial opportunities are in the offing. You are far more fortunate than you can yet see. This will turn out to be a magical and wonderful year.

How creepy is that! Well, I'm praying that I can pull of the amazing results without cutting out too many hours of sleep and Shoot! I really should have bought that lottery ticket. I had sincerely considered it, but I was feeling too tired to try and track down someone to take my order at the ticket desk... still, the draw isn't until Wednesday... so perhaps tomorrow.

Today has been a day of quiet pleasentness - an awesome last day at my all time to date favourite job, a few quick calls to folk I haven't talked to enough in the last few years, nevermind weeks, a nice visit with friends, a pleasent walk with the dog and now a wait for my parents to return so we can have cake....

In the garden, the catmint has burst into bloom along with the white whirling butterfly gaura, the poppy, the thrift, the yellow columbine, and the freshly planted lupine (so far there are 4 purple, 2 white, 1 pink and one mystery coloured one, that I suspect is white.) I've also added a few coleous, a fern leaf bleeding heart, a yellow viola, and a showy evening primrose to the list. Soon to flower - the yarrow, one of the asian lilies, one of the echinacea and a few other things slipping my mind. So I have a few things to pop into baskets and a fair bit of mulching, but they are going to occur slowly over time.





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