Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hosta-ile Software and other news

In happy gardening news - most of the hostas are in varying stages of flowering and one of the neatest parts of having a variety of hostas is seeing just how different their flowers can be. The one above has a bud that looks like pinapple, and individual flowers pop out from the bottom out. There were also 2 new wildflowers, however I didn't get good pictures yesterday when they came out and the rain last night pretty much ruined them. One of them in particular was a really neat looking carmine and white poppy, while the other was a simple, but elegant white poppy. Of course, the really neat looking one fell apart this morning when I tried to take a picture. So, I'm hoping that that there will be another one later that I promise I will take a picture of. Otherwise, there wasn't a whole lot going on in the garden this morning... except that I did manage, in a record half an hour, to finish planting all but 2 of the remaining plants to be planted. I would have planted them, but they were in the front and I totally forgot about them. I have a few other chores building up too - the lawn needs mowing (although with up to 30 mm of rain in the next 48 hours - I think that'll have to wait) - my mystery weed that I am concerned may be poison ivy needs to be dealt with very soon to prevent whatever it is from becoming a permanant visitor and since I'm still unsure - I'm going to have to assume it is poison ivy and to the gloves thing and hope I'm not allergic or that it isn't poison ivy. I'm holding the squirrels responsible if it is though. :P I also should actually tie some plants to the carefully placed stakes and improve the staking of my tomatos before some disaster occurs.

In space news, yesterday, after almost a month of being spotless a cycle 23 spot was confirmed (#1000). Unfortunately the solar cycle that is supposed to be spotting up the sun any time now is solar cycle 24... so... I guess we'll still have to wait. See the link for details and pictures and stuff.

In earth weather news, Baker Lake reached 29 C yesterday - not a record, (the highest recorded temperature in the last 30 years was 33.6 C) however it was higher than the max here 28.7 C and 11 C higher than the normal maximum temperature for the date. Definately not a day for wearing parkas and big winter boots.

Lastly, I'm trying, a bit anyways, to learn a few words of Inuktitut. So, here is the word for today:

Qanuippit? meaning "how are you?" and pronounced something like con-hwheat-peat. If you click on the link it will take you to a Inuktitut Language Learning Site - Tusaalanga Inuktitut - where if you click on the words - then a recording of how they sound will play.


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Blogger Shelley said...

Since moving here last winter I took the Inuktitut language class. It is fun to learn as the rules are simple, the tongue doesn't co operate though!(The language does vary by regions so they teach you both ways to speak.)

The first time that I was mistaken for Inuk my brain failed me, instead of responding in my newly acquired Inuktitut I just shook my head and said "not Inuk". Bah! But I got it right the next time!

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