Friday, August 01, 2008

Chamomile For the Mind

Not very many days left and still a big to do list left to tackle, however, yesterday I did manage to put a fairly big dent in it and still squeezed a trip down to the big city to see the Beautiful Unknown (an indie band (I think they are an indie band) which was unknown to me until yesterday) with an old friend from highschool. Its sort of tradition. I get to play tourist in the city, but its nice to have someone who knows where they are going and all that jazz since I'm totally not a city kid at all. Usually I manage to do something dorky - like where a white t-shirt and light blue jeans when everyone else is wearing black - yesterday I grabbed the wrong pair of shoes. They look okay and they don't have a strap on the back (which I thought was a good idea because I cut the back of my heel yesterday and I didn't want a sandal strap rubbing against a sore spot.), but honestly they are insanely uncomfortable - which I always forget why I never wear them. They bruised the tops of my feets.. and seriously if it hadn't been garbage day and kind of gross in the city... I would have walked barefoot. (next time I'm wearing my hiking boots and forget about trying to blend into habitat other than my own) However, the band was pretty good and gets bonus points for being a good live act in addition to being competent musicians and its fun to do something that I haven't done in years and shocking how little some parts of the world have changed.

As for the flower - its indeed a chamomille flower and just the smell of it is relaxing. I'm going to try and make some tea from it sometime soon - I just have to surf the net to find out how.
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