Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uncertain Weater Coming

Those of you who know me well are probably surprised that I haven't mentioned the election at all. At least not that I recall. Normally, I take my duty and responsibility to cast my vote very seriously and spend a great deal of time following current events and researching my local representitives. So far, about the only thing I've expressed my opinion on regarding the election is what I think of the hair-do's of the party leaders.... and well... they are all bad. Steven Harper's reminds me of this guy Colin I knew in undergrad ... You could throw stuff at his head and the hairspray aura would repell the object before it landed - okay not quite.... But you have to wonder if Prime Minister Harper is using a bullet proof product developed by CSIS rather than regular, drug-store variety hairspray. As for the rest of the candidates I don't even have an opinion about their hair - save that Jack Layton's mustache is .... well, not what I'd choose to have on my face unless I really wanted to channel a used car saleman. Okay. I'm being a bit sarcastic.

Something about this election is tempting me to play ostrich, because I can't think of a probable outcome that appeals to me. Perhaps its because I don't have my Grandfather to argue with (Sorry Grampa - unless something very strange happens - I'm not voting for your team this round). I had had a plan - and if I stop blogging then it might work - although I'm running out of days if I want to mail my ballot in for my home riding - as I'm learning - mail is something that only eventually arrives here, but I think letters and official looking letters may have better luck. However, my inner sense of duty is now making me feel guilty about the whole issue.

If I vote at home, the answer for me is relatively clear...as there is one outstanding candidate who has done wonderful service in our community and demonstrated her competance in organization and leadership - we need as many of these folk regardless of their party in the commons as possible - and as a bonus she is not a member of the party I like the least. I feel like I can defend my choice to vote based on the strength of the local candidate much better than I could a strategic anti-party I like least vote or vote for any of the 3 remaining options. On the other hand, I frankly think that the next term is going to be challanging for anyone who lands up in power. Its important that there are sufficently competent folk to mind the economy, the environment, national unity, first nations issues, infrastructure and our international reputation and I'm not sure that any of them have me convinced that they are competent if or capable of dropping the partisan nonsense for the sake of actually running the country. Its going to be a late night to bed on election night - because even when I wish I could be - I'm not a very good ostrich.

So - if only Mayor McCallion was running for Prime Minister.. then this would be easy. But I guess duty doesn't have to be easy, just done.


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