Sunday, November 30, 2008

Go Blizzards Go

I missed our games yesterday owing to a terrible headache (likely caused by my fellow Canadian's scary newspaper comments). Today, I did get to watch my first Basketball game and our kids were awesome. They can get that ball into the hoop from nearly anywhere, while I can only sometimes get it in when standing directly in front of the hoop - although in my defence our neighbours tree has overgrown our net - creating a different kind of challange. We won handily (I think the score was 72 - 40 give or take 2 points) against Whale Cove and they will be playing in the playoffs tonight. Our girls are also in the playoffs and I hope to catch their game against Chesterfield Inlet too.

I've also been hit by comment spammers - so I'll try to keep on top of deleting their comments, however, I may have to enable comment moderation in the mean time. The internet has been touch and go here so I may be slow to keep up.


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