Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roadtrip of Many Weathers

Wow! Blog neglection for me... well, I was on the road for a lot of it and yet guilty of gathering few photos... but it was foggy on the first leg, windy on the second leg and a blinding snowstorm on the third. The weather started off sunny for the fourth and final leg of the trip - but soon we drove into urbania and really... finishing my prism socks become much more interesting. I just need to kitchener stitch them and then I'm done... yeah new socks for me.

The photo was shot on Muskoka Road 3 on route from Huntsville to Parry Sound at a random waterfall (heavy rain on snow the night before resulted in significant flooding in places) with winds gusting to 100 km in the background.

More to be written soon.

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