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Nunies - Nunavut Blog Awards

After I made the decision to come to the north, I turned to the web to scavenge as much information about my new home as possible. At first, I had little luck, until I stumbled inadvertently across Treena's Travels, a fellow blogger from Baker Lake. From her blog, I came across the Nunavut blog list and thus came to discover a whole world of northern bloggers and a wealth of information about moving up here, including lots of advice for the wonderful folks of this community. I subsequently reincarnated my original blog as The Blog Bog of the Tundra shortly before I had the honour of being added to the Nunavut Blog List last June to fit this new stage of my life.

This January is the second annual Nunies - the awards organized by Clare of the "The House and Other Arctic Musings". I've pasted the details from the Nunavut blog site below...

Its time for... the Nunies!

Its that time of year again, award show time. Nominations are now open for the biggest and best blogging awards in Nunavut (well, okay the only one) - The Nunies. Once again there will be three categories which are:

1) Best Blog
2) Best New Blog
3) Best Blog Post

Nominations for Best Blog and Best New Blog can be made by anyone. You can nominate up to five blogs in both categories. Nominations can be sent by email to nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca and must be received by midnight January 12, 2009.

Blogs nominated must be by current or former Nunavumiut, and/or primarily about Nunavut. Blogs nominated for Best New Blog must have started blogging in the 2008 calender year. The House and other Arctic Musings is not eligible for nominations.

Nominations for Best Blog Post can also be sent by email to nunavutblogs AT yahoo DOT ca, however posts must be nominated by the blog that made the post. Post must have been made in the 2008 calender year. Only one post can be nominated so chose one that you feel best reflects your writing, your blog, or you.

After January 12th the top five nominees for Best Blog and Best New Blog and all of the nominees for Best Post will be announced. Shortly after that voting will be opened.

So, get your nominations in, and help spread the word. Not everyone reads The House or Nunavut Blogs (I know, I can't figure it out either) so the more people that know the better the Nunavut blogosphere will be represented. Prizes this year are a nifty badge to post on your site, bragging rights for a whole year, and a knitted hat from Arctic Bay. If anyone wants to donate any other prizes let me know via email and I'll see that your kind donation gets acknowledged.

Good luck and I look forward to the next round.

So, for all of my non-Nunavut readers, I encourage you to check out as many blogs as you can and go ahead and make nominations. I have some on my links bar, but I'm long overdue to update that bar as there are a number of blogs I read that are not even there. There is a full list of blogs at Nunavut Blogs and
at Way way Up there is a list of blogs showing who has updated recently.

Good luck to everyone. I've really enjoyed being part of this blogging community and I'm very excited to find out who wins.




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Thanks for the link. I gave you a nomination the blog.

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