Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The World Spins On

This is one of my "blizzard" pictures. I just liked it, even though I don't know why it came out the way it did. The weather actually hasn't been bad... or its the same and I've simply gotten used to it. I'm noticing the cold less and less.

I am guilty of reading the newspaper again... and yes... the stupid comments that people make on it and as usual... it has merely left me feeling that there isn't so much hope for our species as I hoped there would be. But I'm sure that there are lots of good people out there with more dignity than to make ignorant comments on news items that seem to serve no other purpose but to give the writer a chance to say something inflamatory anonymously... I do have to give Ignatieff credit for insisting on reading and discussing the budget before giving his opinion... imagine that - a politician thinking before doing something. Even if they already have their minds made up, they at least have the sense to pretend to make an informed decision... the other two parties are guilty of being blatently and shamelessly irresponsible. If they want to vote down the budget, they should have at least pretended to consider its contents first... better still- they could have actually considered the contents first. But most of the comments have next to nothing to do with the article. Its just a convient place to bash the opponents to their favoured political party. Sigh.

I played Badminton for the first time in nearly 20 years on Sunday and was surprised in two ways... First, it turns out that some part of my brain still remembers how to play - so as long as I don't think, I seem to do okay. Second.. its 3 days later and I still ache... who knew that something as tame looking as badminton would be such intense exercise...

I may be somewhat more sparse in my posting in the next few weeks/months as I'm going to have to save up all my inclination to write and funnel it into finishing my thesis. I'm so close to done and my choices are write it now and enjoy a summer of visiting people from coast to coast or... spend my summer tethered to my computer, inside and miserable. Then again.. it might just drive me to post more... I guess we'll see... wish me luck though.
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