Monday, March 30, 2009

The Frozen Ocean

This photo is part of the still leaving Repulse and heading home set. I don't think it is too far from town as we are still relatively low to the ground. I like the way that this picture shows the ridges of ice around the land. I love the contrast between the "smooth" ice and the bumpy rocky land. Can you tell I'm a window person on a plane? Don't need the isle.. I have no plans to cram myself into a scuzzy air bathroom unless the need is dire. Staring out the window (especially if it is clean and not over the wing) is my favourite part.

Well, the crowning awesomeness for today was the arrival of my knitpicks order. Their colours are awesome. I have one named tidepool heather.. its teal and turquoise... It reminds me more of mountain lakes than tide pools... but it is wondering what it'll be when its all knit up. Now I need a little project, something that I can pick up and forget for a few weeks as the sis of doom is looming.

Sigh... well... here it is.. my island of calm.. I'm going to enjoy it and not complain too much.. I'd better get some odds and sods done before heading to sleep.
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