Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tall Trees that Reach the Sky

The fact that I feel the need to start every blog entry I write lately with a reassurance that I'm still alive does not bode well for my efforts as a blogger in general. Still, I have other concerns that rank first and the last 2 weeks are part of the busier season of teaching. Now that the marks are in, I can briefly gasp and find a few minutes to actually put a post up on my blog or even finish the mitten that I started 3 weeks ago. Now, I just have to knit another one.

The voting phase of the Nunies (aka Nunavut Blog Awards) is over. (I think) The results arn't officially up - but they should be up here sometime soon. I guess I'll have to write more and better if I want to be a contender for next year.

Aside from knitting and working and occasionally sleeping, fretting about my thesis and neglecting my guitar and failing to blog or take photographs, I have a few odd thoughts and stories in my head, but I should have typed them a few hours ago when they were fresh, now I'm going to have to dig them up.

The northern lights were out last night (apparently a good show for those of us not occupied with finishing a mitten and watching the last episode of the second season of Heroes). The K value reached 5 which is pretty decent for recent history. In general, the sun is starting to seem like its thinking of ramping up to a solar maximum after tormenting me for the last year and a half with endless blankness, punctuated with a few teasing sunspot clusters. Still, it could be teasing now - but sunspot 1040 or 1041 produced a few M class flares (The first of Solar Cycle 24). I also found a new site for monitering auroral activity.

Today, our community is running a number of events to raise money for Haiti. Including a teacher-student game of boot hockey. Its pretty exciting the amount of effort and energy people are putting into all of the events.

I'm hoping to have more time to play board and card games in the near future. I played (and lost badly) a game of canasta for the first time in a long time online and I'm waiting with great anticipation for the expansion for my Killer Bunnies game to arrive. Robin Hobb's newest book is also on sale this week - so I'm looking forward to reading it at some point in the near future. My other bit of excitiment is that I finally replaced the horrible deskchair that I had here. So, hopefully, I won't be driven away from my computer by discomfort. The new chair is much better and makes working here much nicer. Perhaps this change will translate into future blog enteries on a more regular basis. I've missed out taking pictures of some beautiful sunrises and sun sets the last little while. Its amazing how much longer the days are already. Its still light out at the end of the school day and almost light out on my walk to work.
I'll try and get some pictures soon.

Cheers, and I'd better actually put up this post which has been 2 or 3 days in the making before my computer crashes and I have to start over from scratch.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your mittens! What a great idea to put those great bands of colour behind the tree. This is the first time I have seen something made by someone else with my design! Sometimes I wonder if things I write down only make sense in my own head...I have some other charts that I will post on my site, if you want them. Trees are my favourite. It was funny reading your blog post; almost eerie in some ways. We are both knitters, living in the Canadian North, working on our theses, AND just finished watching the second series of Heroes! My friend lent it to me the week my thesis proposal was due. Luckily, I squeezed in both. Thanks! (Rosie--from ifIhadaboat)

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