Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winter Winding Down

I don't think the cold is over, but with El Nino we've been spoiled all winter and especially in March and April. Don't get me wrong, aside from Blizzards co-inciding with most attempts to travel by air its been a very pleasant winter. I recall praying this time last year for a day warm enough to walk to school with my glasses on and my hood down, this year we are looking for the temperature to possibly break zero 3 times in the middle of April, and event that did not occur until the 1st of June last year. Although, I've been advised that 7 years ago we endured 6 weeks of -40 C weather (before windchill).

Rain is also forcast for tomorrow. This is not good for the local Caribou, until it stays nice, but even that could have consequences in terms of the timing of bugs and food sources. Rain on snow, followed by seasonal temperatures for the rest of the winter could lock up a lot of food resources. I'm hoping for no rain, but I'm also hoping to get out for another walk this afternoon. This photo was taken on the lake on the way to the airport about a week ago.. and it was reasonably seasonally cold and quite windy that day.

Who knows... I'd better get back to geology and off of the topic of weather.


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Blogger Melodie said...

Hopefully that it won't rain there then. Wow, down south I've really been appreciating the effects of El Nino! I wish every year was El Nino, lol.

Wow, I can't believe that 7 years ago there was 6 weeks straight of -40° BEFORE any windchill... I'm not sure I would be able to handle that...

Life in Baker Lake sure is interesting! I really should explore Nunavut sometime. (Huge and where would I start, but I would still love to visit).

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