Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dreams of Sunshine Past

Well, the sunshine has given way to the rain and there is likely some thunder showers in the works. I'm up, exercised, fed and I have an XL black coffee in a brown and maroon cup and I'm off. Well, as soon as I throw up a quick post. There seems to much to do and so little time. People who I haven't seen in ages that need visiting, garden work, getting my car are ready to do some serious driving, appointments and on top of that my thesis. I'm seriously feeling more stressed now that I'm "vacation".

My swim was good. I addd 4 laps and probably could have done more, but I was running out of time. My technique and speed are improving.... and my hair smells like chlorine and is starting to turn blond.

I promise to somehow find time to take some pictures from my garden. The day lilies are starting to come out now.

I'd better get going..... wish me luck.
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