Monday, July 12, 2010

Chester Lake Hike


I've been trying to mostly just work on my thesis and get it out of my hair before I go crazy. But it seemed reasonable to take one day off to do some real hiking seeing as I'm surrounded by world class outdoor trails. We had originally planned to do Taylor Creek, but it was closed for paving (we think either the road or the parking lot, rather than the trail itself.) This worked out great. The weather forcast was totally wrong, but we lucked out and missed getting rained on by about 30 minutes or so, inspite of a day where the sky couldn't decide whether to let the sun out or not.

Amusingly, of the 270 pictures I shot, there are only 2 pretty lame ones of chester lake itself. This is just before you reach the lake.

It was a wonderful hike, although the part of the trail past Chester Lake was much nicer than Chester Lake itself.
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