Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Drumheller HooDoos

There simply isn't enough time to do everything. I'd really love to visit Vancouver and Victoria. I desparately would like to visit Waterton and the Grand Canyon and the Yukon and Yellowknife and even Inukvik... well and the list in Nunavut - where the problem is that I simply can't afford the airfare - although I'd really like to visit Pang and Qikiqtarjuaq and Pond and Cambridge Bay and hopefully I'll get to see Iqaluit one day. So, where I meant to go with my opening, is that long, long ago, when I was young and travelled across the western half of Canada via Greyhound with my best friend, we went to visit the Milk River and the Badlands there. They were much more impressive then these two baby hoodoos, but seeing these made me really want to visit the other ones because they are so different from any land form I know and I think of all the courses I teach, my grade 12 environmental course is my favourite, and geology is my favourite unit (tied with weather) to teach. Perhaps this is why I appreciated watching 2012 last night. There was a lot of geology, even if it was a bit sketchy at times. I loved that they mentioned the neutrino lab in Sudbury and I think what made it watchable, aside from the cliche disaster movie intro where the divorced father is spending time with his kids, is that it didn't take itself too seriously. Even some of the special effects you could kind of tell they were crushing models, but it was fun. It made a point of finding major world landmarks and destroying them and the family survived near death so many times that you had to smile. It may have been saved as my expectations for it were so low that I had expected to wander away from the TV after a few minutes rather than holding my breathe after 2 and a half hours, even knowing that the ending was as predictable as the sun rising each morning. While for Avatar, on the other hand, I had high expectations, and it left me disappointed.

As for the too much to do and not enough time, I think it is only the 4th movie I've watched this summer - Coraline being one other (which was a bit weird, but I was impressed in a way with it, but I'm not sure I'd say I loved it), 4 Weddings and Funeral (which was a tough watch) and the other was Invictus, which was very good - although I've really yet to find a Morgan Freeman movie that was a miss.

So, Disaster, Freaky, Horky and Uplifting.

As for other things I don't have time to do, I need to update my blog. I've added a few new links to the northern blogger section, but I suspect that there are more that I need to add or change and if I'm smart I'll do it while I have fast and nearly unlimited internet at my disposal. That said, I'm nervous about switching from the classic template that I've built myself to the new format as I've carefully built my blog over the years, and I'd hate to lose any of my links, while I do like having the ability to see who's updated recently. So, in the short term, I'm going to work on the new template for another project and see if it is worth the bother - and if I can get it set up and the gadgets allow me to do stuff I can't do in the oldstyle, then perhaps I will. Although, I've noticed a migration to wordpress lately - so I'm also a bit worried that I'll have to make the switch when google declares I'm out of space, which I'm sure will happen as soon as I've done the update.

So, I'll see if I can dig up a few more pictures. Its been really rainy the last few days - so maybe I'll find a hydrograph to post, as I haven't done that in a few years and my apologies for the ramble, I haven't had coffee yet this morning or Yoga.


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