Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Calm

No storm coming as far as I know, however, I could lose Internet and possibly phone service this coming week as the ANIK 2 satellite is going to affected by the ROGUE SATELLITE GALAXY 15. I'll attach a few articles for anyone interested. Qiniq has emailed folks to warn them of potential problems. It also means there could be problems with the debit/credit system at the store as they use Internet communications to process payments. Hmmm. Better stock up on food, although, as long as I'm willing to live off rice and pasta, I can probably survive a week of not being able to go to the store. I'll miss having bananas and probably milk.

Weather-wise, it has been a strange week with lots of amazing skies. The weather system has been calling for consistent cloud cover, but we've gotten some rogue breaks in the cloud now and again. I meant to go back out about 40 minutes after this picture was taken to get the real sunset but I was distracted by making dinner. We've had snow, rain, wind, and the kind of calm that made the photo above possible. Its decidedly starting to stay consistently below 0 C, although, nothing above -15 C phases me anymore, unless there is a 60 km/h wind. Still, I'm starting to consistently wear a hat and bring mitts.

I don't want to jinx them, but as a long time fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, its very exciting to see them at the top of the league standings even if it is unlikely that they'll be able to hang on to that title for the season... it would be awesome if they did - but its nice for now to feel the glow of rooting for the winning team and even more exciting to watch them and see that they are obviously a much better team then I saw play in 2007 and definitely from last year.

I guess I'd better get ye olde to do list tackled. I'll probably throw up a few more posts including some recent artwork.
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