Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunset in Baker Lake

I've been an awful blogger. This summer it was largely an intentional plan to de-technology my life and just spend my time doing real things like hiking, biking, swimming, walking and visiting with family. Furthermore, after taking over 5000 pictures in Norway, I really didn't have as much drive to take photos - and I was rather sick of lugging around 5 lbs of camera wherever I went.

Its funny, this place feels more like home everytime I come back. I appreciate knowing the staff at the northern and the airport. I appreciate my classroom and its actually nice to see my students again. Its good to be busy again, at least some times. Its nice to have a sense of purpose, although I find myself pining just a bit for the crisp morning air in Canmore on my morning ride to the pool, keeping alert for possible encounters with Ms. Elk and her wee'un. I miss the pool too, the rhythem of swimming lengths, with the only things to think about being breathing, counting laps and trying to keep my strokes neat and efficient. I guess its hard not to miss vacation, but lucky for me, I actually enjoy my work. We've been trying to walk more, but, the weather this time of year has a tendency to produce kind of grim rain about 50 % of the time (thus the lack of northern light sightings since I've been here).

Its been busy, and I expect I'll continue to blog only sporadically between now and the end of October... after that, the weather may encourage blogging.

Its actually quite cool today. It caught me off gaurd to find the chill penetrating a long sleeved shirt and a lightly lined softshell on the way to work and on that note I'm going to go find some socks because my feet are the coldest part of me.
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