Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CGS Amundsen

Like a gem upon the Beaufort Sea, the red and white CGS Amundsen is both a coast gaurd rescue ship/ice break and a floating science lab. It is full of kind and interesting people, all with a great sense of adventure. I miss it already - especially watching the sky and the sea from the flying bridge and the sensation of being rocked to sleep each night.

Being home is good too though. Its good to see Scott and my students, coworkers and all the folks I talk to regularly in Baker Lake. I still have a bit of time before a few more of my friends return from their vacations. I also have internet on my laptop, which will hopefully help me post a series of blog entries to record my experiences before I forget stuff.

I wonder where the ship is now and what they are doing? Are they sampling or just travelling? Hopefully they are having good weather and lots of sucess at whatever they are trying to do.

Myself, I suspect of catching a cold - as I have slept most of the evening and still feel tired. I'm drinking a cup more lemon tea then heading back to sleep - in hopes of warding off really getting sick.

The world is round - but is has surprises around every corner.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the last quote about the world being round but with surprises in every corner!


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