Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zoe and Molly meet

So, the big day of introduction has arrived and aside from a little hissing and spitting and one well aimed swat from Zoe.  There has been no major incidents.  Zoe is perched up on the table pretending to ignore the kitten and the kitten after considerable exploration of the rest of the appartment is flaked out on the coffee table - belly up.  Molly is a bit fearless, but is giving Zoe her space and Zoe while clearly not yet in love with the kitten, is not being unfriendly.  I think things are going to be okay.  We'll split them up again tonight, but supervise some visiting tomorrow.  Hopefully, by the end of the week they'll have warmed up to each other.  Zoe seems to have stopped hissing and spitting. We figure this is a good sign and her body language seems more relaxed.

We have a spray bottle, emergency glass of water, oven mitts and a broom ready in case we need to intervene.  Its been interesting Cat-o-vision, but we are both sighing a bit of relieve that there have been no all out cat fights.  We are really hoping that they end up buddies.
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