Friday, August 17, 2012

Evening Baker Hike

Its funny, I forget just how beautiful it is up here when I'm in the mountains - then I am surprised when the right light makes it just as beautiful here.  Featured in this photo is the snow fence and blueberry hill.

Its been a busy week back to work, moving back up to Baker and then moving to a new appartment.  We are almost settled in - the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and bedroom are in pretty good shape, but the office still needs a fair bit of work and there are still some random items that need to find a home.

Molly and Zoe are going to miss having the chaos of boxes and bins everywhere to explore and climb.  Molly is perched on the windowsill looking out at the lake - looking more like a small adult cat than a kitten, but she still has boundless energy.  Zoe is perched on the back of a chair staring at a wall or down the hall at something I can't see.  Owing to the change from somewhat normal sunrise and sunset times to  northern silly sunset and sunrise times - Zoe really wants me to feed her at 4 am.  We are working on that, but I suspect before I convince her of my side, the sun will be rising much later.  It is gaining about 3 minutes a day... or 20 minutes later a week so in 3 weeks we'll be back to 5:30 and in 6 weeks we'll be talking 6 am.... which hopefully means in 12 weeks she won't demand food until 7 am.  I'm usually up by 6 on weekdays though.

Molly changed her mind and decided to curl up beside me on the couch - one pet and her motor starts a purring away.  I'm sad that won't be a kitten much longer, but I'm certain she's going to be a great cat.  On an aside note, I had a terrible "why didn't I think of that moment" when my friend K. suggested that she should be named molecule rather than cinnimolly - so renamed, and aptly so the way she moves around with great speed and energy - Molly is now short for Molecule and I have two cats with good science names.

I promise some more cat pictures soon.
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