Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You want me to eat duck and turkey - never

Yes - I love my cat so much that I've been picking out the food she doesn't like in the current mix just for her.  We've given up trying to feed our cats different food - but Molly doesn't like the stuff the vet recomeneded.. thus the picking it out of her dish... funny cat.

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Blogger Jan Morrison said...

Hi - just on a search for northern blogs - I'm a woman living in Labrador getting used to a more northern climate and want to connect with others on similar adventures.
Your blog looks great! The one I'm doing about my Labrador experience is

2:10 PM  
Anonymous donna said...

Hi - was looking for records for northern Dragonflies... have you seen/collected any in Baker Lake? I have been there a couple of times for mayflies, but didn't have luck with dragonflies. Any information on Nunavut dragonflies would be really appreciated, you can contact me through the University of PEI at . Many thanks! Donna

6:32 AM  

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