Sunday, September 27, 2020

Picklejar Lakes Weather Extravaganza

 So, I started off well, but haven't been back to Blog in a while.  I've been too busy hiking and taking pictures.  I'm still way ahead of the last few years put together.  

Yesterday was a treat as we trekked to the first 3 of 4 or 5 Picklejar lakes.  While the lakes were nice, they weren't exactly Boom Lake or Sherbrooke Lake.  The hike itself though was amazing - vistas, fall colours, a little steep in the odd place, but my 4 year old managed it with no complaints.  She might be an exceptional kid though or I might be biased.

The funnest part (unless you were a mom who was worried about the number of hours of daylight and if the weather would slow us down too much) was the random September Snow Squall that we trekked back through.  It made things slipperier, but it definitely made it memorable.  I'd run out of room on my SD card, so I don't have so many pictures of the snow as I'd like, but then again, probably a good time to tuck the camera away so it didn't get wet. Then there was the moment when I realized I had a plan in place for bear and elk encounters, but I had no idea what to do with a herd of cows.  Fortunately, a  couple of cow knowledgable folks were right behind us and call them off the trail.

All in all an amazing day and I'll try to catch up on sharing some of our other adventures when hiking season is over.


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