Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Pictures of my Boyfriend

Greetings, I must again apologize for posting a December picture for a lack of anything more recent. I rather like it. . . But I'm sort of biased.

I should see if I can get any tonight, the wind is roaring and the temperature plummeting (from a rediculous high of 12 degrees). I should be working - but its hard to work on Friday night my mind feels like it is owed a bit of a chance to relax, even if it means stress later.

I figured this was a compromise between schoolwork and necessary things to do that weren't too much like real work and didn't involve vaccumming.

This time next week, Gabe and I will be just finishing up our dinners at the Beaverbrook hotel (Civil Banquet). So I guess a quiet night is good. I've gotten to the point where going out is more effort than it is workth most of the time, I've come to appreciate the nicities of a quiet night in with a mug of hot chocolate and all the internet news sites (namely the Toronto Star and CTV sites) where I spend far too much time, but at least have some knowledge (however distorted) of current events.

I finished my first subdivision plann - it was harder to do than I expected, but I could see myself getting to like it. School has been interesting this term, but I'm pretty focuesed on the end part, and I'm not savouring the autumn days of my undergraduate career as perhaps I should. Ah well, I promise to get some pictures tommorrow of something intersting - well, at least that is a semi promise. Until then, hang on to your umbrellas.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Are the walls really THAT pink? Its been a while since I have seen them so objectivly colourized. Weird... Very very weird.

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