Saturday, May 20, 2006

Apologies and other missing info

A couple thoughts... First, the series of posts that I made yesterday are missing a text explaination that mysteriously didn't managed to get posted. Well, I'm not sure why, but I'm not surprised since Blogger did register an error when I posted, but I thought it was okay since the picture appeared. I think my comments have been the victem of some spamming - thus I've given in and switched on the word verification security thing that keeps computers from posting inane comments on my blog that link to poker and gambling sites. I'll try and depost them later, but right now I'm heading to my brother's for cards and I won't keep him waiting to figure out how.

As for the missing text - again - I'll have to edit it back in later. But All of the shots were taken on a bike ride that was aimed at getting a gym membership and taking pictures of stormwater infrastructure and swales. (although there seem to be an awful lot of bird and tree pictures in the 264 shots.)

The first (last in the series) is a female redwinged-blackbird - thus the comment on the next picture about her boyfriend :D who didn't appreciate my watching and shotting pictures and told me off quite vocally.

Alright, gotta go... more later.





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