Thursday, May 18, 2006

April in Ruralburbs of Sussex

I just liked the colours in this picture... I can't remember if I played with it or if this is just how it came out.

Well, it still feels weird being out of New Brunswick. I've accepted that job hunting may take longer than I'd hoped and that I'll probably have to settle for a not engineering job in the interim. I'm not giving up, but I'm taking a few days to research "Knock Them Dead" resume's and cover letters and I'm looking into certification with AutoCADD or Arcview that would push my name to the top of the pile. I'm also working on HEC-RAS and SWMM and thinking about reviewing my programming. I'm even pondering doing my masters, or at least looking.

In more exciting news, I'm planning on baking banana bread, now that I've unpacked the recipe. I think I'll cook up some pumpkin chip muffins too. In the mean time, going to get a bit of exercise and and clean up the half unpacked boxes I brought up yesterday from the garage.


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I wonder if you still working in HEC-RAS. I d like to start to work with it and looking for somme excercises in pfd ect. I d be grateful if you could donate me with some ;) My e mail

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