Thursday, May 11, 2006

Surburban Sring

It's not Algonquin Park or the Rugged shorelines north of Superior, but it still has its own charm. Despite missing the somewhat more wild trails of Fredericton, I've been glad to have somewhere to walk while I'm home that has its eye catching this moments.

I never appreciated crab apple and cherry trees until this spring - but they are spectacular and have definately added to the view in the suburbs this spring. One of the things I love about my hometown - is that the city doesn't spray for Dandilions. This irks some folks on a quest for the perfect suburban lawn, however, by and large it means more interesting views (as a biologist I'm a fan of biodiversity and don't find any plant ugly even dandy lions - although, it would cool if we promoted native species to out compete it too) and its safer than spraying poisons all over parks where children and pets are meant to play. Yeah!! I'd rather see the city spend the money on something practical - like playground equiptment or road maintence.

Next I have some research to do into doing something with our own Garden - anyone with suggestions for a species of grass that is shade and grub tolerant let me know. Wildflower seeds are apealing too.

Okay - back to work for me.

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