Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fresh from Yamma Aight

This one is for Erin! I'd like to draw your attention to how neatly the leaves and petals line up in this shot - it took some doing to get the camera in just the right spot - never mind finding just the right Trillium.

This one is growing in a small patch of over used woods called "the Edenwood" In spite of its overuse, the Trillium still bloom in numbers not seen in some local conservation areas and more distant provincial parks. Somehow I find this reassuring, although it may simply be a result of poor biodiversity. However, at least kids aren't picking them to extinction.

I went to find Yamma Aight - being a specific place in the Edenwood, but it doesn't seem to be there or rather the defining landmarks have been partially obliterated by a new bike trail. Hard to say, perhaps it merely escaped my search. The enormous stump that was once an impressive headstone for a lighting struck (oak) tree (I think on the oak Tree - could have been a white pine too) has been reduced to a few bits and pieces. Weird how things change and stay the same.

It was certainly a plesent walk.

Good night again,

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