Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Beginning of the Wasaga Saga

After leaving Awenda Provincial Park, we meandered down various back roads until we got to Tiny Beaches Road. At which pointed was continued meandering at a rate of 40 km/hr on a road which wasn't quite 2 lanes, but was paved.

The beach houses ranged from extravegant to old and mouldy. In some cases, blown sand from the beach had covered entire lawns and driveways, even drifting onto the road. Apparently, everyone came up to their cottage last weekend for spring cleaning. I could have furnish about 3 or 4 apartments if I'd had the inclination or a trailer to pick up the numerous couches, matresses, fridges, TV's, deck chairs etc. Although, I suppose not everything was useable. I'm glad I'm not the Garbage personnel that has to pick all that stuff up.

At this point, the sun was starting to set and we decided to keep an eye out for some quaint and memorable place to eat - like fish and chips out on the docks or something. We finally drove into the town of Wasaga Beach (pop. 3000) and finally settled on eating at the Galexie Diner. The food was excellent diner fare with real cheddar cheese melted on the burgers. We couldn't even finish the order of poutine and drink that we'd got to split between us. (Oh, we also split a milkshake of course - no problem finishing that.)

The decor was put together by a creative mind. It was colourful and included all the necessary 50's diner paraphenelia - like the large paintings of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munroe and vinyl seats. The waiter was cheery and appears to be running the place on his own. We did take pictures, but after my battery died, so I'll have to post them after Gabe sends me the picture.

Today's news - not much. I am mostly unpacking and organizing. I built two bookshelfs to house my library of text books, field guides and novels. I'm planning on going through the websites and picking out some places to apply to tomorrow. Yesterday, I met the local Mississauga News Carrier (who has my old route) and was talking on her cell phone while delivering. I don't think discman were old when I finished my route - I had a sony sport walkmen and chronically broken headphones. I was also suprised to see a child of maybe 7 or 8 casually talking on a cellphone on the way home from school. I can still say (although I don't know for how much longer) that I've never owned a cell phone mostly because I've yet to need one enough to justify the cost. Its not that I'm against them, but it does strike me as odd to see them being used by young children. When I was young, rotary dial phones were still the norm - and I'm not even old yet. Funny how things change.

Well, I'd better get back to unpacking, cleaning and cover letter writing.

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