Sunday, April 30, 2006

Vifa Nia Rama Squafa

The Bruce Trail was fantastic! We could practically watch the leaves unfurl on this perfect sunny sunday. We hiked along the cliff at Rattlesnake Point conservation area. The most prevalent flowers were the white Trilliums and Trout Lillies and Violets. However, I did see some Purple Cohosh - an obscure plant that I took a while to identify some years ago.

We've moved the furniture around and unpacked a little - and it is starting to sink in that I'll be staying here a while.

Tomorrow we're off to Barrie to inspect Georgian College - then maybe we'll explore a bit around Barrie. I'll be studying economics on Tuesday and job hunting Wednesday. Thursday will be a mix of jobs and unpacking. Who knows what is in store for Friday.

Trillium thriving
On rocky limestone soil -
Purity rooted



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Blogger lothyn said...

this post more than absolves you for not stopping on your way through montreal :)

enjoy the spring, the nostalgic walks and putting together an adult life in meadowvale! I look forward to hearing your report.

ginla yam eb thenya omo symja oto squafa.

5:29 PM  

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