Saturday, April 29, 2006

Farewell to New Brunswick

Well, I actually didn't get many pictures between Fredericton and Mississauga. Its a bit hard when you leave late and decide to drive through. We arrived in Mississagua at about 2:45 Ontario time or 3:45 our time.

I picked the Nacawic Irving Station (Pokiak technically speaking) as it seemed the most symbollic.

We actually are leaving soon, so I can't blog long, but I'll try and get back at it soon.

My final exam never happened owing to a computer glitch - but I seem have it reschedule for Tuesday with a promise to get my marks in before the cut off for graduation - it just means more studying economics. Sigh.

Well, I"ll write something more exciting later or in a few days or when I get some nice pictures.


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