Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happiness is a blue sky and weather shaped pine

Wow! The end is really near! We sold the couch today and the chair, by this time tommorrow we won't have a bed or dishes or bookshelves.

I'm really getting excited about the trip - mind you I still need to go through my stuff again and get rid of more stuff. Sigh. . .

Musing on judging the Haiku contest: The winner is selected - but won't be announced until the next blog entry as I need to contact them first. They were judged based on format, creativity, and imagery with bonus marks for interesting words, humour, advice and a season word. I haven't marked anyone's work since 2nd here - and it was just a bit awkward since I was judging the creative work of my closest friends and family. They were all great, and I enjoyed reading them. Please feel free to submit any others to my site for prostarity. It turned out not so hard to mark them - but initially I was "hah, silly me - look what you have gotten yourself into". More to follow.. .. .. THANK YOU everyone for your submissions.

Recomended song: Mr. President by Pink and the Indigo Girls. - It sounds more like the Indigo Girls than Pink - and its smart, very smart.

Hmm, other thoughts. . . I guess I'll have to remember them when my head hurts less.


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