Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Border Fences Canadian Style

While enjoying Easter with my boyfriends family the topic wandered initially towards the problems with crossing the Canada-US border and related paper work and passport issues. Somehow we can to talking about donating wood for a border fence and the effectiveness of the Berlin Wall in keeping people on one side or the other. Gabe suggested a picket fence - since this is traditional sign of neighbourliness, which led to the suggestion that the only true way for Canadians to mark the border is to drink a lot of Canadian beer and Tim Horton's Coffee and mark our territory like wolves (and/or Farley Mowat).

:D The picture above is by my all time favourite artist: Harriet Peck Taylor of Washington State, USA. Her website is found here. She does fabulous nature batik prints. I highly recommend checking it out.




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