Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Perfect Day for Snowmobiling


The last 2 days have been busy and packed with crazy experiences. I went snowmobiling and snowshoeing yesterday (technically 2 days ago) with Pete to check out conditions on the Little Main Restigouche River. Shamefully, my camera battery died while I was trying to take a picture of Grand Falls at full torrent and I wasn't able to capture the beautiful day in the woods. We saw a doe up close at Boston Brook lodge and lots of tracks. It felt strange going snowmobiling in 14 C weather - the snow was getting pretty slushy by the time we left, what shockling little was left of it. About a week ago, there was appearantly about 4 feet of the stuff and roads that were unpassable then, were dry by the time we got there. We managed to get stuck - thank goodness for the come-a-long, and at one point thought we'd run out of feul 6 km from the truck - fortunately we were wrong. Snow machines are just cranky in warm weather - something to do with being air cooled.

I met baby Clayton and kidnapped his mother for tea. Then Gabe and I went out for our scheduled night on the town - dancing at the Hilltop. I'm not sure how energetically we danced (I thought I did okay for someone who'd been snowshoeing earlier that day), but it was fun to watch everyone else dance. The crew there included some entertaining characters. This morning we got up early to run errands downtown and ended up painting plates at the clay cafe. It was exactly what we needed to relax our brains after 4 weeks of crazyiness. After that, we ate some wings, our first and only meal of the day, went home and finished the fourth season of Due South. I'm sort of sad that we've run out of episodes, I have to admit that it's become my all time favourite TV show. Brilliant humour, great acting and heart warming human moments, not to mention the footage of Mississauga's city council chambers and the frozen north - all made the story memorable. I guess we'll have to watch it again, although there are still a few episodes I missed in the first season, so I may be able to enjoy a few more hours of it. I'll post a picture of the plates if they don't turn out too poorly. Its hard to imagine how they'll turn out from what they looked like when we handed them over to the lady. We get to pick them up sometime in the next few days. Now it is back to packing, cleaning and learning about economics, until my next blog. . .



BTW - the photo is again taken in Fundy this April 3rd. Posted by Picasa


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