Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Perfect Day in a Sea of Rainy Ones

Its been grey and rainy since Monday - with a few random patches of bright sun. Luckily, our trip to Fundy was on Monday, which was as perfect as weather could be!!

I've included a photo of Fundy as the tide was coming in. You can see the cliff that protects the bay, fishing boats stranded by the tide and a sky so blue it hurts. I think Alma is my favourite human altered viewscape in Canada.

I've finished most of my writing for the term. I have a few things to tidy up for our senior report project and a map to colour and presentation to give - but I think I can actually take this evening off and possibly go socialize with people or better yet - paint and go to bed early or maybe watch a movie.

Yesterday, I had more random conversations with strangers (like the librairian and a fellow student) that I ran into in the halls than usual. Good conversations too!!! When we were in Fundy, we stopped and talked with all sorts of people. Partly because everyone knows Gabe, and partly because new faces are probably exciting there in April. I had a great chat with the local utilities technition (perhaps guru is the right word since he does everything from street sweeping (as he was when we met up with him to running the local water, sewage and storm systems.) He is currently taking courses increase his qualifications with respect to running the water and sewage systems. I'm going to miss friendly people when I go back to Mississauga. Its probably one of the things that bothers me the most about Toronto - most people react to a friendly greeting (like Good Morning) by staring at the ground, walking faster and protecting the wallet. Sigh. . . as if a 30 year old with her hair in braids and decent shoes (well, I suppose they are a bit deceptive after all the hiking I've done in them) is going to attack you. Its sad that people have become so paranoid.

Of course, after reading about that horrible attack in an Edmonton school - I suppose I don't blame them. (CTV STORY)

Growl at the world for evils and injustices and cruelty and greed and . . . you get the point.


Well, in general, I have personally - fatigue aside - had a great week. I found my missing ball cap, and had a nice trip and visit with my brother, moved lots of stuff, accepted my iron ring, finished up the bulk of my remaining school work and got to eat cheese cake! Posted by Picasa


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