Wednesday, March 29, 2006

White Lightening

Another photo of Fredericton, NB taken yesterday while I was on my walk. Today has been okay, relaxing compared to the last few weeks as I worked on my map and senior project presentation. Gabe and I went Toyota test driving on the way to pick up boxes from the liquor store. I've packed four boxes of books already.

So, we drove the Yaris. Not quite as good as I thought it would be, but not bad - and like the Rav4 it has good canoe anchor points. That said, I like the looks of the Echo much better - not to mention the name. However, it should be noted that the Corolla has impressive gas mileage and slightly more horsepower than the Yaris and is not a whole lot more and there are tonnes of them on the used market, so they may even be cheaper than echos... so there is a thought - job first of course, but you have to have dreams and motivations to get through the last weeks of your 4th university degree. Like as not I'll be driving an 86 sunbird - Erin's Dad had one when we were in school, cool car, not as cool as a grand am, but still cool. It was a good break anyways, and I got to drive something, even if I was a bit disappointed in the handling and pep.

I can't believe that Iron ring is only5 days away. My design group was chatting about it today. . ."I've been looking at my finger differently the last few days." said one member. It was agreed that we were all excited, but not sure what to suspect. Some expressed worries that it wouldn't fit. Myself, I feel stunned that this momentus occasion has snuck up on me quickly and noticing belatedly that there are things about Fredericton I'm going to miss - like being able to walk everywhere and the old train bridge and even the look of the houses and buildings downtown. So, I look around at my half empty bookshelves and soon to be blank walls and quasi furnished rooms (the only big thing left to sell is the couch) and it hits home that I'm leaving, moving and starting over again. I'm excited that Geoff is coming up, it'll be neat to show him around and a life-saver to have him move my awkwards and fragiles back to Ontario. I've reverted to thinking of myself as living in Ontario and kind of lookig forward to going back.

I can't seem to find the exact words to describe my anticipation of Iron Ring. The history behind it is certainly a bit intimidating as is the secrecy surrounding it. In some ways, it like the end of a journey I was meant to take, but the beginning of a lot of changes, now that I stand at the cross roads of opportunity. Day dreaming about cars aside (this being a hobby for the last 14 years), I really don't know what is in store for me. I don't even know if I'll be staying in Ontario as I could soon be sucked into Alberta with the rest of the countries job seekers or I could end up in the North. So, the ring represents the key to a door, which I won't get to peak though the window or see very far through for a while, but holding onto the key will be something. The rest of it will come together in a few weeks.

Fare thee well, and any family wool wishers in Ontario should contact me by Friday to place their order for Saturday morning, otherwise, you are sheep out of luck.


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